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You will pay a service fee each time you request service, which ranges from $50 $100. Read More!
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We have done extensive research and studies to come with some of the very best home warranty companies on the market today. Read More!
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I asked if he was going to go back and review the conversation and he said probably. Read More!

home warranty of america reviews bbb

In fact, some are right out scammers who will swindle you and give you the runaround until you finally give up trying to file your claim. Read More

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Told us HWA will call us in 2 3 days once it goes through the authorization department.
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home warranty of america reviews bbb

He finally transferred me to Robert who was helpful and got through to their contractor and promised me a call back.

  • home warranty of america reviews bbb

    I asked him straight out how long this would take to fix based on all the terrible reviews I've read online from 2 10 about it taking months to get service and he said it really just depends.

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    On the little things, you self insure.

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    He also serves as President of the National Home Service Contract Association, representing the home warranty industry and is a board member of the Real Estate Service Provider’s Council.

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  • home warranty of america reviews bbb
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