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I called, but that vendor did not work on residential properties, so I had to go back to Select for the name of another vendor. Read More!
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Because homeowners insurance doesn’t cover everything in your home, like appliances, ductwork, air conditioners, heating systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, and phones, you need additional coverage. Read More!
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Really?Having been a homeowner for 30 years, this is the worse experienced I have had with a warranty company. Read More!

farmers insurance home warranty plans

I ultimately set the toilet in a bed of grout to get a lasting fix. The second issue I had with the quality was that the "fix" for the tub leak would have left me with a $7 plastic drain in place of the original Eljer chrome plated, solid brass, triplever pop up bath drain which would cost about $400 were it still available. Fortunately, I watched the plumber closely and stopped him when he uncased a reciprocating saw. Rather than go to the store to buy a replacement washer, he intended to simply destroy the fixture and put in a cheap plastic one which he already had in his truck. The servicepeople which the home warranty companies send out are the low bidders and they have little incentive to do what's best for the homeowner. The warranty company is really the client, not the homeowner. Read More

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They do not, I repeat DO NOT replace things anymore. They will part it and piece it together over and over again and at $60 a visit from a tech it adds up. I even upgraded to a premium plan. My furnace is over 20 years old, has been involved in a major lawsuit for leaking CO, and my warranty company refuses to replace it. When I asked them how much it would be to pay out if I just want to buy a new furnace myself, because hey, don't want the family and I to die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the middle of the night, they tell me the payout is $60. This for a part that I can't find for less than $250.
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farmers insurance home warranty plans

Then, if we do have a descent job, we're going to hit you for up charges.

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    Since it was on a weekday, I told the rep I would put the call on hold and called the company from my husband's phone to find out if they would accept 2 10 Home Warranty.

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    We have done extensive research and studies to come with some of the very best home warranty companies on the market today.

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    In addition, Doug is the President of HMS National.

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